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Our Story Starts in Early 2020...

The COVID-19 pandemic ushered in a new era in healthcare. High-risk populations’ access to testing and medical care was deficient. The crisis highlighted disparities in minority communities, people living in large urban centers, and the elderly. Loss of employment and employer-based health insurance left many individuals without access to vital medicines and doctors. 

Technology played a pivotal role in facilitating the ability to connect in more unconventional settings and allowed for more direct and convenient interactions between patients and providers. Terms such as telemedicine, video conferencing, and remote access became part of the national conversation. Our objective is to use our platform to build on the COVID-19 pandemic experience and improve access to our specialty nationwide.

Our Mission and Core Values

Our mission is to connect board-certified Endocrinologists and patients via video in place of the more traditional face-to-face outpatient office setting. We hope to leverage technology to facilitate access in a more flexible, convenient manner that adheres to social distancing guidelines while practicing evidence-based medicine.

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According to the CDC, nearly 26 million Americans have diabetes; 7 million of these cases are undiagnosed. In addition, the CDC estimates that 79 million US adults have prediabetes. If current trends continue, the CDC estimates that as many as one in three US adults could have diabetes by 2050. In addition, nearly 34% of US adults are obese, according to the CDC. Endocrinologists are at the forefront of the management of diabetes. There are other common conditions commonly managed by endocrinologists. These include metabolic syndrome, osteoporosis (bone disease), thyroid nodules, thyroid dysfunction, and low T. Access is limited in some areas to meet the demand.  

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